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The taste of Swedish Christmas

SwedenOn the eve of the holidays, Christmas fairs open in different cities of Sweden. Here handicraft, New Year souvenirs and delicious appetizers are sold. The main market is located in the centre of the old town, near square Stortorget, and it typically opens on 20 November.

Another important component of the Swedish Christmas is Julbord or Christmas table, which is covered with a multitude of traditional Swedish  dishes  – Lutefisk (dish made of fish), pickled pigs feet, herring, salmon,  smoked  meat. A Julbord dessert includes sweet rice pudding (Risgryngrot), served with raspberry jam, cinnamon and almond. If someone finds the one-piece almond, this means that he/she will get married during the coming year. The Christmas dinner is followed by a ceremony of distributing Christmas gifts.

In Sweden it is Tomte – a Christmas gnome with a white beard and red clothes, who brings the presents. Unlike Santa Claus, the Christmas gnome resides under the ground and takes a stroll on a straw goat.