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Spain: solar power world leader

Spain solar power towerSpain is now the world’s eighth-largest economy and the fastest growing economy in the European Union. But what is more, it is the solar power of the world.

Spain became the first country ever with a commercial solar energy power plant. The PS10 plant located at the Solucar Platform near Seville was inaugurated in March 2007. Its rings consist of 624 large mirrors laid out around a 115-metre-high tower. The intense heat created by the mirrors is absorbed in the tower and transmitted to a steam-driven generator. The power plant took four years to build and so far costs € 35 million.

Located on the same platform, the new tower plant PS20 features technological improvements such as better control and operational systems and a better thermal energy storage system. PS20 will generate clean energy enough to supply 10000 homes while preventing approximately 12000 tons of CO2 emissions. In fact, the Solucar Platform currently hosts six power plants, which should be fully operational by 2010 and will generate enough energy to supply 153000 households. The platform will prevent 185,000 tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere per year.

Clearly, the development of renewable energy leads to energy diversification, reduction of EU Member States’ dependence on foreign imports and plays an important role in meeting targets in the fight against climate change.