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Portugal and Europe’s biggest waves

PortugalWhile Portugal typically attracts tourists with opportunities for sightseeing, the waters around the city of Peniche on the Atlantic coast gather the best surfers of the world.

Legends of Polynesian tribes say that the origins of surfing go back thousands of years: it started off as a method for fishing, then turned into a hobby and sport. Ancient Hawaiians believed the ocean had a face and was able to feel and express emotions. Even millenniums later, people keep on riding waves and search for their own reflections in the water.

Thanks to its peninsular location, the Peniche beach stretches out to the north and south, where tube waves originate irrespective of wind direction.

Thanks to its famous Supertubos wave Peniche is marked on maps as one of the best surfing zones in the world.
Since 2009 the Association of Surfing Professionals World Tour organized an annual contest in the area.
Next to Peniche there is a surfboard manufacturing department. Even if you do not feel like buying a new surfboard, do not miss the chance to visit it in order to find out how surfs are made and why they are so light.

The coast of Portugal is also a perfect place for making first steps in surfing. A number of surfing schools give beginner’s and professional classes to those who want to chase waves.