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Nectar from the Apennine peninsula

ItalyIt captures with its scent and flavour. Wine, one of Italy’s most celebrated products comes in wide variety. The ancient Greeks used to call Italy Enotria – “land of wine,” known for its rich produce. Currently, Italy is still one of the leaders in vine-growing, producing approximately 10 million tons per year, over 90 percent of which becomes raw material for wine. Over 2000 sorts of grapes thrive on the Apennine peninsula (Chianti, Valpolicella, Bardolino, etc). In addition, Italian winemakers use an array of international types of grapes. Italians treat their wines very earnestly. Today, Italy is also the leading producer and exporter of wine, but still continues to compete with France in terms of quality and prestige. To recognize the best Italian wines, look at the quality control on its label. The wines with DOCG (Denominazione di origine Conrotlata e Garantita) are the ones of guaranteed quality and of controllable zone of origin, DOC (Denominazione di origine Conrotlata) include the wines of controllable zone of origin, IGT (Indicazione Geografica Tipica) are the wines produced in a specific region and V.d.T (Vino da Tavola) are simple table wines.