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Hungary and the Rubik’s Cube

Ernő Rubik
Ernő Rubik
The world famous Rubik’s Cube, the world’s top-selling puzzle game, was created in Hungary. In 1974, the Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture, Ernő Rubik, invented a mechanical puzzle, at first called the “Magic Cube”, which then became known to the world as the “Rubik’s Cube”.

Today, more than 300 million “Rubik Cubes” have been sold worldwide. To imagine this volume, if one would put all the cubes side by side, their length would stretch from the North to the South Pole.

The first world “Rubik’s Cube” championship was held in Hungary in 1982. In the 21st century such competitions are also held in alternative formats, such as solving the cube single handed, using one’s feet, blindfolded and even under water in a single breath. The current unbeaten world record for the quickest solution to a Rubik’s Cube was set by a 14-year-old Australian, Feliks Zemdegs, who had a personal best of 6.77 seconds.